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" is a celebration of the best in natural health today.
It's easy to make simple changes that can positively affect the way you look and feel. It's easy to Feel Good Again!"
Phil Zulli, Zulli Wellness Systems

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How Are YOU Today?

Are you happy? Satisfied?

Vital and full of life?

No worries, bills paid and money in the bank?

Do you look and feel and live the way you want to?

Please browse through this site and learn of some powerful, proven ways to really be able to look better, feel better, and enjoy a long, wonderful and fulfilling life!


Optimal Nutrition


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Simple Changes For Natural Health!

Now You Can Quickly Look And Feel Better
• Start enjoying a happier, healthier life in two weeks

 2 Weeks

• Get the toxins out and optimize nutrient and water intake with a simple program
• Your body is not a machine
with parts that have to break down and wear out
Complete nutritional support and pure healthy water stimulates self-healing

Natural technologies have caught up with hype. Now you really can look and feel better very quickly. In just the first two weeks you'll see noticeable results that continue to get better. You have found the best in natural health..

As the owner of Zulli Wellness Systems and, I've spent 25 years researching and field testing with very large numbers of consumers. I have a strong track record of helping people to look and feel better; to lose unwanted fat, to have better skin, and to improve their quality-of-life in many areas. I know how to help people make simple changes for natural health with fast, safe, healthy results.

Our World Is Toxic
Is it any wonder your health is not perfect? Is it any wonder that people suffer from degenerative diseases? Our society has rushed to progress without thought to the byproducts. Manmade toxic chemicals have spread across the globe, and into our bodies.

When you can assist the body in moving toxins out of the cells and organs, improve elimination, replenish nutrient levels, add adaptogenic botanicals and substances, and provide a reliable source of healthy drinking water, the body can do seemingly miraculous things. It can restore itself.

The products we promote on, the cleansing and nutritional programs and the Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems, are simple the best of the best. It's about quality, results, and reputation. Our nutritionals not only uses the highest-quality ingredients and a true master formulator, they have created cleansing, fat-burning, and optimal nutrition programs that you can very happily live with. Over 15,000 new people are starting on these products every month !

Multi-Pure® developed a new, vastly superior drinking water technology and has spent 30 years documenting it. Over 3 million people have already solved their drinking water problem with Multi-Pure. Anything else is a band-aid on the problem. Having a reliable source of great-tasting healthy water makes a difference.

A New Choice In Your Life!
Our mission is to give people access to the information they need to create the kind of life that they dream of for themselves and their loved ones. We offer products and information to help you along the path to the goal of health, clarity, happiness and abundance.

The primary focus of this site today is Optimum Nutrition and Safe Drinking Water, and also to share a dream that was shared with me 23 years ago... the ability to touch thousands of lives in an incredibly powerful way, and be rewarded with a life of abundance.

In the early Eighties, we changed the way people look at optimal health by introducing herbal and botanical supplements that were specifically targeted for the needs of people. That was the real start of the natural health revolution.

The Power Of Real Results
Despite continued attacks from the medical establishment and the media, the natural health market continued to grow. And it was because people told people, who told other people, about the results in their life when they used natural supplements to properly feed their bodies. The power of real results, the power of the people.

In 1994, the economic and political power of these very satisfied consumers convinced the establishment to reconsider. After the biggest letter writing campaign in 25 years, Congress passed a new law designed to make reliable information available to the public about the benefits of dietary (nutritional) supplements.

 Today you find aisles of supplements, "mini health food stores", in every supermarket and department store. But unfortunately most products are relatively ineffective. They were formulated for profits, not optimal health despite what the label says. And people don't know what products to choose for their families.

What Nutritional Supplements Do I Need?
The general public is having problems making good choices about which supplements to use. The emphasis is on isolated individual nutrients. "Vitamin C is good for this, and Beta Carotene is good for that". Most people don't understand the differences between antioxidants, or why enzymes are important. And which brand is best? Aren't they all basically the same? Isolated nutrients now number in the hundreds, so what should we use? People want all the benefits, but they aren't sure what's best.

You can't make a good decision based on the ingredients label alone. The selection, quality and processing of the nutrient by the manufacturer has a huge impact on product effectiveness. The formulation matters, a lot.

And choosing a supplement based on the latest magazine article or fad may lead you down the wrong path. Today people are trying to "prescribe" specific nutrients for specific problems. It's because we were raised with the pharmaceutical drug concept.
"One symptom, one drug. Follow the protocol". But that's the concept that got us into trouble in the first place!

Before you can start targeting specific responses, you have to make sure the whole body is being fed properly. Good choices at mealtime (and in between!) are important, but the time has past when you could get all your nutrition from store-bought food. Mass food production for profit destroyed that years ago. Three square meals a day is simply not the complete answer anymore. It's up to you now to make sure you body gets what it needs to maintain glowing health and vitality. And that means a complete, high-quality nutritional program that is working for large numbers of people..

The Solution To Looking And Feeling Better Is A Daily Cleansing And Nutrition Program Together With Healthy Drinking Water

Today we use the wisdom of nature contained in certain herbs and nutritional substances, superfoods really, to supplement the diet in a powerful, sensible way.

The scientific studies stretch back many years and are independently verified by researchers around the world. They are also verified by real results in people. They show us the benefits of including these superfoods in your diet, in addition to supplementing daily requirements. Today we know the value of a complete daily nutritional program. Nothing quite compares to these cleansing and nutritional programs.

Your Food
Everyone knows the value of fruits and vegetables in the diet. But how the vegetables are grown, processed and distributed make all the difference when you eat them. The nutrient content of our food has been greatly diminished by modern farming and processing techniques. Corporations have chosen profit over wholesomeness; the "bottom line" is more important than producing a quality product.

Lowered nutrient content makes eating enough fruits and vegetables inconvenient. And our taste buds have been trained, by advertisers, to make other choices. Fortunately, today we can supplement with the concentrated power of properly prepared fruits and vegetables and other high-quality nutrients known to be most beneficial.

Why second guess Nature? By using these nutritional programs, and taking a more sensible approach to our food choices, we can be sure that the basic requirements for health and wellness are consumed everyday, and specific nutrients not yet isolated by science can be yours. It's easy, and the results are quickly obvious.

Your Drinking Water
There is a lot of talk today about drinking water. "How much do we need", and "is tap water good to drink?". The evidence is very clear.

We need water for every function of our body. Stress increases the need for water and in today's toxic environment we need more water to help move those toxins out of the body. There's more information on our water page.

And tap water? Studies reveal a disaster; contaminants are everywhere you look for them and municipal and bottled water testing only checks for a small percentage of known contaminants. There are many cases of immediate illness from drinking water. But please be aware that contamination in drinking water affects your body over your lifetime and contributes to disease conditions in ways we are just beginning to understand.

There is one clear answer to securing a source of safe healthy drinking water for your family. You need to treat your water at the tap with a Multi-Pure Drinking Water System. Read the documentation on the Multi-Pure page. I wish all product choices were as easy as this. Get a Multi-Pure!

Join the Natural Health revolution and see quick results.

Please explore this site!
I have spent most of my life searching for alternatives in health and other areas of life. As a society we seem to be stuck in profit motive and status quo. The groups that have the power insist on continuing to do things their way. But as alternatives that work spread through word-of-mouth, people begin to realize there are better ways to do things. Considering the wonder of nature and the unlimited power each human being carries within themselves, illness, boredom, and poverty should not be an issue.

It seems that things must change before society can realize its full potential. But the starting point for change rests in our individual decisions. Change starts with a belief that things can be different and then moves forward with a decision to make things different.

Henry David Thoreau said...
"Things do not change; we must change."

Change begins with decision, and decision requires confidence, and confidence is built on witnessing our own success and the success of others. It's much easier to make meaningful changes in our lives if we see that others can do it too.

A simple proven plan and fast results make change easier too.

I believe in grassroots changes; change from the bottom up rather than the top down. What we see our friends and neighbors do affects us more profoundly than what is endorsed by the national media. People today are realizing more than ever that the media is bought and paid for by those in power that do not want change. And they not paying attention to advertising as much either. Studies show that personal recommendations from friends and family, not TV or magazine ads, are the number one factor in new purchases. That's a major change.

I believe in the love and support systems offered by those around us to aid us in making meaningful changes. And I believe in simple changes recommended on this website, changes that anyone can accomplish.

I've seen remarkable results in all people that make these simple changes!

In the end it's up to you. Do you want to look and feel better? Now you can by making these simple changes. If you would like things to be different, if you want to "feel good again" and take your life and your future to the next level, please explore this site with an open mind and take action.

I am sincere in my desire to help you move along the path to natural health and holistic wellness. If you have questions about what you see here or want a personalized program to fit your special needs, please call me personally and let's talk. Together, we can make a real difference in your life and perhaps the lives of many others around us.

Be Well!

Phil Zulli
Zulli Wellness Systems


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